I have over ten years of experience in academic publishing, including copyediting and proofreading many specialist books. Please see below for a comprehensive list of books I have copyedited and proofread.


Atkin, Tamara, and Laura Estill, eds, Early British Drama in Manuscript , British Manuscripts, 1 (Brepols)

Bryan, Eric Shane, and Alexander Vaughan Ames, eds, Medieval Literary Speech Acts: Essays Inspired by the Works of Thomas A. Shippey (ACMRS)

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Van Norden, Bryan W., Classical Chinese for Everyone: A Guide for Absolute Beginners (Hackett)


Blanton, Virginia, Veronica O’Mara, and Patricia Stoop, eds, Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe: The Antwerp Dialogue, Medieval Women: Texts and Contexts, 28 (Brepols)

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Rapoport, Yossef, A Study of al-Nabulisi's 'The Villiage of the Fayuum', The Medieval Countryside, 19 (Brepols)

Rapoport, Yossef, and Ido Shahar, eds and trans, The ‘Villages of the Fayyum’: Thirteenth-Century Register of Rural, Islamic Egypt, The Medieval Countryside, 18 (Brepols)

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Burke, Ersie, The Greeks of Venice, 1498–1600: Immigration, Settlement, and Integration, Cursor Mundi, 24 (Brepols)

Crawford, Jackson, ed. and trans., The Saga of the Volsungs: With the Saga of Ragnor Lothbrok (Hackett)

Garipzanov, Ildar, Caroline Goodson, and Henry Maguire, eds, Graphic Signs of Identity, Faith, and Power in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, Cursor Mundi, 27 (Brepols)

Honkapohja, Alpo, Alchemy, Medicine, and Commercial Book Production: A Codicological and Linguistic Study of the Voigts-Sloane Manuscript Group, Texts and Transitions, 9 (Brepols)

The Medieval Globe, 2.2 (Arc-Humanities Press)

Moore, Deborah L., Medieval Anglo-Irish Troubles: A Cultural Study of BL MS Harley 913, Texts and Transitions, 8 (Brepols)

Neumann, Jeanne Marie, LINGUA LATINA: A Companion to 'Roma Aeterna' (Hackett)

Rauh, Nicholas K., A Short History of the Ancient World (University of Toronto Press) [also as developmental editor]

Wenzel, Siegfried, The Sermons of William Peraldus, Sermo, 13 (Brepols)


Agata D’Ottavi, Stefania d’, trans., Brunetto Latini: La rettorica, Secular Commentary Series (Medieval Institute Publications)

Cressman, Darryl, Building Musical Culture in Nineteenth-Century Amsterdam: The Concertgebouw (Amsterdam University Press)

Farmer, Sharon, ed., Approaches to Poverty in Medieval Europe: Complexities, Contradictions, Transformations, c. 1100–1500, International Medieval Research, 22 (Brepols)

Frelick, Nancy M., ed., The Mirror in Medieval and Early Modern Culture: Specular Reflections, Cursor Mundi, 25 (Brepols)

Naumann, Edward Arthur, trans., Nicholas of Lyra: Literal Commentary on Galatians, TEAMS Commentary Series (Medieval Institute Publications)

Quinn, Judy, and Adele Cipolla, eds, Studies in the Reception and Transmission of Old Norse Literature: The Hyperborean Muse, Acta Scandinavica, 6 (Brepols)

Shoval, Ilan, King John's Delegation to the Almohad Court (1212), Cursor Mundi, 23 (Brepols)

Tonry, Kathleen, Agency and Intention in English Print, 1476–1526, Texts and Transitions, 7 (Brepols)


Akae, Yuichi, A Mendicant Sermon Collection from Composition to Reception: The ‘Novum opus dominicale’ of John Waldeby OESA, Sermo, 7 (Brepols)

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The Medieval Globe, 2.1 (2015) (Arc-Humanities Press)

New Medieval Literatures, 15 (2015) (Brepols)

Rosenthal, David, Kings of the Street: Power, Community, and Ritual in Renaissance Florence, Europa Sacra, 17 (Brepols)

Selby, David, Tocqueville, Jansenism, and the Necessity of the Political in a Democratic Age: Building a Republic for the Moderns, Intellectual and Political History (Amsterdam University Press)

Viking and Medieval Scandinavia, 10 (2015) (Brepols)

Wheeler, Stephen, ed., Accessus ad auctores, Secular Commentary Series (Medieval Institute Publications)

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Brink, Stefan, and Lisa Collinson, eds, New Approaches to Early Law in Scandinavia, Acta Scandinavica, 3 (Brepols)

Engh, Line Cecilie, Gendered Identities in Bernard of Clairvaux’s ‘Sermons on the Song of Songs’, Europa Sacra, 15 (Brepols)

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Fraeters, Veerle, and Imke de Gier, eds, ‘Mulieres Religiosae’: Shaping Female Spiritual Authority in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods, Europa Sacra, 12 (Brepols)

Green, Monica H., and Carol Symes, eds, Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World: Rethinking the Black Death (= The Medieval Globe, 1 (2014))

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The Medieval Globe, 1 (2014) (Arc-Humanities Press)

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Hamblin, Vicki L., Saints at Play: The Performance Features of French Hagiographic Mystery Plays (Medieval Institute Publications)

Knight, Stephen, ed., Robin Hood in Greenwood Stood: Alterity and Context in the English Outlaw Tradition, Medieval Identities: Socio-Cultural Spaces, 1 (Brepols)